Supply Chains Excellence in Manufacturing

Building Supply Chain Capabilities in the Digital Economy In a world where customer requirements are rapidly changing, and customisation is becoming more prevalent, supply chains become complex and globally dispersed. In such disruptive and multi-layer eco-systems, manufacturing remains the critical link to ensure a balance between supply and demand in the value chain. Experience shows… Read More →

Value Proposition Design

This new webinar will explore Value Proposition Design more deeply using a series of frameworks that helps address customer goals, benefits, or pains points with your product/service offerings. A great value proposition is at the heart of every successful business model, addressing: what value do we deliver to the customer, which customer problems do we… Read More →

Business Model Innovation

Business Model Innovation Enabled by Industry 4.0 How can business model innovation using Industry 4.0 digital technologies enable a better way of creating value for manufacturing businesses and their customers, and help improve and transform business outcomes towards becoming more resilient, cost competitive and sustainable? Through this webcast, The Swinburne University Advanced Manufacturing Industry 4.0… Read More →

Industrial Internet of Things

A Journey from Data to Insights towards next levels of Operational Excellence Industry 4.0 is driving the adoption of digital technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in manufacturing to enhance the efficiency of production processes, reduce production downtime, improve product quality, worker productivity and product traceability. In this webinar Associate Professor Prem Prakash… Read More →

Metallic Additive Manufacturing in Industry 4.0

Metallic Additive Manufacturing technology has progressed significantly over the last two decades. It is considered among one of a set of disruptive technologies of this century. But, over the last five years, how widely implemented and how useful has the technology been? Thus far, this has not been simple and straightforward to answer. In this… Read More →

Value Proposition Design for Leveraging Industry 4.0

A great value proposition is at the heart of every successful business model, addressing: what value do we deliver to the customer, which customer problems do we solve, and which customer needs are we satisfying? Designing good value propositions is therefore an important step in the creation of new business models. This Value Proposition Design… Read More →

The Circular Economy

This session will highlight circular economy practices and challenges, both in Australia and around the world. A circular economy is a system aimed at encouraging sustainability through the continuous use of resources and reducing or eliminating waste. Business and industries around the world have adopted circular methods to achieve sustainable processes. There is also an… Read More →

futuremap®: Embedding Industry 4.0 in Manufacturing

Swinburne University’s Advanced Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Hub would like to help manufacturers use this time to find opportunities for new ways of working, keep people motivated and engaged, and to transform their business. The event will demystify how Industry 4.0 digital technologies, business model innovation and leadership enable change for business. The futuremap® workshop will… Read More →

Future-proofing Australian Manufacturing SMEs

Want to make your manufacturing business more resilient, cost competitive and sustainable? Now, more than ever, Australian manufacturers & process related industries should be thinking about their businesses in a new way. This workshop is designed specifically for Australian manufacturing & process related industry SMEs to help you assess the current state of your business and… Read More →

The New Digital World of Work in Manufacturing

How can humans thrive in the digital era? What is our human competitive advantage? Digital technologies are driving a profound transformation of advanced manufacturing and are advancing at a greater rate than ever before. For example, Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven technologies are becoming more sophisticated and are increasingly able to perform more complex cognitive tasks.… Read More →