Tenders In Progress / Coming Soon

SEMMA have collaborated with Fulcrum Procurement to offer members the opportunity to join our exclusive buying group, allowing members to take advantage of significant cost savings, reduced time sourcing supplies and increased confidence in getting value for money.


SEMMA Members can access current opportunities available through the SEMMA Buying Group. More opportunities will be advertised as they become available.

Members will be prompted for expressions of interest in each category and a request for data to build a baseline for the tendering process.

SEMMA Members can access pricing and onboarding packs by logging into the Dashboard. If you require your log-in details, please email justine@semma.com.au.


Steel & Other Metals All types of metals: Mild steel stainless and specialty steels, aluminium, copper and brass.
Full range of formats and specifications: Sheet and plate, pipe and tube, hollow sections, Structural steel, bar, any other requirements.
All volumes and lead times: Large volumes and pack quantities, small orders, cut to size.
Steel tenders to commence end June 2021, running monthly.
Services such as laser cutting, galvanising and powder coating to be sourced following initial metal tenders.
Items for Tender Document
Access Steel Tender Webinar (Webinar open to SEMMA Members only, log-in required)


Natural Gas Q1 2022
Electrical Supplies Q1 2022
Forklifts Q2 2022
Pallet Wrap & Packaging Materials Q2 2022