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SEMMA have collaborated with Fulcrum Procurement to offer members the opportunity to join our exclusive buying group, allowing members to take advantage of significant cost savings, reduced time sourcing supplies and increased confidence in getting value for money.


See below for a list of tenders which have been completed for the SEMMA Buying Group so far. The percentages indicate the average savings range based on the data provided.

Waste Management Solid, Organic, Cleanfill, eWaste, Cardboard, Commingle Recycling 20 – 40%
Agency Labour Causal and contract labour for all manufacturing, engineering, and logistics roles 4 – 8%
Fuel Petrol and diesel fuel 3 – 6%
Parcel Freight Local, regional, national and international envelopes and cartons 5 – 15%
General Cleaning Warehouse, non-production line, office and amenities cleaning 10 – 15%
Office Supplies Full range of stationery, office supplies, printer and tech accessories, office furniture 15 – 25%
Micro testing & Chemical Analysis Food product and environmental testing and analysis 2535%
Auditing & Certification (Food) HACCP, ISO Standards, BRC and other food safety and quality system certifications 10 – 15%
COVID Deep Cleans Surface disinfection and antimicrobial fogging 30 – 50%
Facemasks Range of TGA approved 3 ply masks 30 – 50%


SEMMA Members can access pricing and onboarding packs by logging into the Dashboard. If you require your member log-in credentials, please email Justine McLaughlin via justine@semma.com.au.