South East Region

South East Melbourne is one of Australia’s most active manufacturing regions – hundreds of companies, tens of thousands of jobs and more than 300 exporters.


With hundreds of companies providing tens of thousands of skilled jobs and investing in critical research and development, manufacturing in the region remains a dynamic and important component of both the State and National economies.

This region produces everything from yoghurt to trains, from buses to bolts and everything in between.

More than 300 exporters are based in the region, demonstrating the strong international links which have been forged, and reflect the international competitiveness of local manufacturers.

At a glance in 2017, manufacturing*:

  • Added 40,000 jobs to the Australian economy, which made it the second largest growth sector.
  • Sold over $100 Billion of goods overseas. The highest level ever.
  • Showed 18 months of positive grown and in March was at 63.1, which was stated as the highest level in over 20 years.
    *According to the AIG PMI

In South East Melbourne:

  • There are approx. 11,000 manufacturers.
  • Has in excess of 300 exporters located in the region with strong international links.
  • 80% of the 11,000 manufacturers, employ less than 20 people and 90% of manufacturers employ less than 30 people.
  • Provides for 105,000 direct jobs. Conservative estimates show that for every manufacturing job, 4 more are dependent, meaning over 500,000 people regionally depend on manufacturing to remain strong.
  • Provides 17 per cent of South East Melbourne’s 549,000 jobs.
  • Manufacturing generates $60 Billion of output, which accounts for 30% of total manufacturing output throughout Australia and 44% of Victoria’s manufactured product.
  • Regional manufacturing capabilities include: agriculture, automotive, building and construction, chemical, defence, electronics, food, health, IT, machinery and equipment, marine, medical, mining, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, textiles and transportation.

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