Free same day COVID-19 testing for SEMMA Members

May 14, 2020General News, Member Benefits, SEMMA Updates No Comments

We would like to highlight an opportunity for members to obtain a same-day COVID-19 test. Member Atticus Health have been busy conducting COVID-19 car park testing in Hastings. Director & Founder Dr. Floyd Gomes is offering all fellow SEMMA Members the opportunity for a free bulk-billed same day COVID-19 test. The car-park testing service is reported to be operating efficiently and effectively.  How to… Read More →

The Onshore Manufacturing Equation: Price ≠ Total Cost

April 29, 2020Industry News, SEMMA Updates No Comments

Written by SEMMA CEO Vonda Fenwick   The COVID 19 pandemic has thrown into stark relief the risks associated with supply chains which extend beyond Australia’s borders. Those risks have now been recognized and  the need to on-shore manufacturing  for safety-critical items  – medical equipment and personal protective equipment – to make Australia self-sufficient… Read More →

IN THE MEDIA: SEMMA’s cure for economic ills

April 23, 2020SEMMA Updates No Comments

SEMMA have been featured in the Dandenong Star Journal, with CEO Vonda Fenwick expanding on the vital role which local manufacturers play beyond essential medical equipment and pharmaceuticals during the COVID-19 pandemic. “A thriving manufacturing sector is essential to our economic prosperity, our quality of life and our national security.”   To read the article, click… Read More →

Meeting with MPs to discuss sobering survey results

April 14, 2020SEMMA Updates No Comments

Written by SEMMA CEO Vonda Fenwick   On Friday 3rd April, SEMMA met with Minister Martin Pakula (Minister for Jobs, Innovation and Trade), Gabrielle Williams (Minister for Women, Prevention of Family Violence, Aboriginal Affairs and  a long-time supporter and advocate for SEMMA) and several other local MP’s including Pauline Richards (MP for Cranbourne), Gary… Read More →

SEMMA Industry Update #3

March 30, 2020General News, Industry News, SEMMA Updates No Comments

Dear SEMMA Members and network,   We have received member requests for clarification regarding restrictions to workplaces as a consequence of COVID-19. To confirm, there are no specific restrictions upon manufacturing at the time of this communication. Workplaces are, however, asked to adhere to social distancing measures where possible. Employees have also been asked to work from… Read More →

SEMMA Industry Update #2

March 25, 2020General News, Industry News, SEMMA Updates No Comments

Dear SEMMA Members and network,   Businesses worldwide are facing unprecedented times as they are forced to rapidly adapt to the new challenges presented by the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. At the time of this communication, the Federal Government has announced that any workers with the ability to work from home should now do so. To read… Read More →

SEMMA Industry Update #1

March 23, 2020General News, Industry News, SEMMA Updates No Comments

Dear SEMMA Members and network,   As you are undoubtedly aware, the situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rapidly evolve.   At the time of this communication, manufacturing workplaces can remain open and operational provided the mandated social distancing is maintained. Please monitor your email inboxes and refer to the SEMMA LinkedIn Page for ongoing updates… Read More →

Common Pitfalls in Selling a Business (Part 1)

March 2, 2020General News No Comments

Avoiding the major pitfalls in selling a business   Selling a business is something that most business owners will only attempt once in their career.  With an estimated 70% – 90% of their total net worth tied up in their business, they can’t afford to make a costly mistake, but their success in running their… Read More →

New Trade Mark Risks When Manufacturing in China

February 13, 2020Industry News No Comments

While the south east is Melbourne’s manufacturing hub, many Australian manufacturing businesses nevertheless utilise Chinese manufacturers for some products or components.  A recent decision of the Supreme Court of the People’s Republic of China is likely to significantly affect those arrangements in the future. China is a country with an unusual trade mark law.  Most… Read More →