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TeamAssurance Pty Ltd

What we do

TeamAssurance software turns data that is stuck in paper, verbal conversations, whiteboards, email and spreadsheets into a scalable lean daily operations system. Available on any device, it helps continuously transform your frontline operations to improve your business.

Team Assurance sustains your whole staff to reach strategic goals more quickly, safely and efficiently. It’s a software platform that embeds Lean principles into your business, from strategy to delivery. And it fast-tracks Lean transformation in organisations of all sizes.



How it works

TeamAssurance helps manage operations in modern businesses by leveraging software, utilizing the captured data and enabling frontline workers be smarter and more efficient.

From the C-suite to the front line, we’ll show you who’s doing what, when. Position your staff to learn Lean on the job. See how you’re solving show-stopping problems. And pre-empt goal and compliance shortfalls with practical action.

Finally, true excellence really is achievable.

Contact Info
32 Husband Road
Forest Hill VIC 3131