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Solpod provides Relocatable Commercial Solar Solutions. Our mission is to enable both asset owners and commercial tenants to benefit from solar.

Solpod’s unique patent protected solution focuses on:

  1. Relocatable solar. Solar PV ‘pods’ that can be detached from the roof, folded up and lifted via a crane to a truck for installation on another site. This enables commercial property owners to invest in a 20-year asset (solar systems) while mitigating the risk of 5-year commercial leases.
  2. Non-penetrating solar. Solar PV ‘pods’ are fixed to the roof using industrial grade tape. The roof sheet is not penetrated, and no holes are left behind if the solar PV system is relocated.
  3. Minimal wind loads. Solar PV ‘pods’ present a streamlined profile to the wind, reducing the forces that are transmitted to the building.

With this combination of attributes, commercial building owners can increase tenant security and tenants can benefit from lower energy costs.

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0410 967 952
1/95 Wellington Street
St Kilda VIC 3182