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Prepare to Act

PREPARE TO ACT Training Services is actively involved in Emergency Management for Manufacturing, Industrial & Commercial businesses; which Includes fire and smoke behaviour, staff emergency evacuation incident response and actions upon a receipt of a fire alarm. 

Manufacturing / Commercial / Industrial Facilities, throughout Victoria are at one time or another may be involved in natural or man – made disasters and various emergency incidents, all of which have potential to threaten life and property.

Emergency Management is a range of measures to manage risks in a Manufacturing / Commercial / Industrial environment, dealing with and controlling potential emergencies, which includes Planning, Preparation Response and Recovery from emergencies affecting the Premises, Employees and Visitors.

All our instructors are accredited and very experienced within the Fire Industry. Training delivered complies with the Australian Standard AS 3745 – 2010 Emergency Planning in a Facility and the Occupation Health & Safety Act 2004 (s21), Employer to provide instructions and/or supervision to employees to limit risk and health emergencies within the workplace environment.

PREPARE TO ACT Training Services; provide Onsite classroom Theory and Practical Staff Training consisting of Emergency Control Organisation / Warden Emergency Response Training, Practical Evacuation Exercises, Staff Practical Operation of Portable Fire Extinguishers (evironmentally friendly gas simulator system), Written Emergency Evacuation Procedures Manuals and Supply & Design of Evacuation Diagrams. We are not an Online training business,  as we believe all staff should be trained in a practical manner to perform and have confidence to maximise their skill levels to protect themselves and others.

Employees are instructed in conjunction to fire safety and emergency planning in a facility which complies Directly to Best Practices, Australian Standards and Regulated Acts. Staff training identifies the responsibly of the employer within the work place environment and contributes to governing authorities and procedural Obligations.



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