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Advanced Robotics Australia Pty Ltd

Advanced Robotics Australia are the leading specialist in Automation & Robotic Integration. We have implemented our solutions into a diverse range of processes and industries for over 25 years. We support our clients with our focused customer support and ongoing service, spare parts and consumables. Our team works closely with industry leaders, to ensure our solutions have the best components for serviceability to give the best solution to our customer’s needs.

The manufacturing industry is always changing, continuing to progress with new platforms of technology being introduced regularly. With the growing needs to industry, automation is coming in all forms. Even robots are going through a revolution of collaboration. At Advanced Robotics Australia, we thrive on being able to introduce Robotics and Automation where people are exposed to risk of potential injury. Automation and robotics can help improve cycle times, accuracy, repeatability, and improve safety.

We aim to be the leaders in innovation, and integration of Automation & Robotics.

Whether it be Breakdown, Scheduled, or preventative maintenance we have your needs covered. Our highly-trained engineering technicians will supply you with detailed service report to ensure you know the condition of your important investment.

Automation Solutions

At Advanced Robotics Australia we specialise in Automation & Robotic Integration. We have over 25 years’ experience covering a diverse range of industries and processes. We work closely with industry leaders to develop a progressive and well optimised solution for our clients. We then dedicate ourselves to providing quality, application specific after-sales support.

The manufacturing industry is always changing, new platforms of technology are being introduced regularly. Automation improves cycle-time, accuracy and repeatability while reducing the risks of potential injury and down time. The introduction of safer working environments and collaborative robotics has opened up many avenues in the scope of automated processes. Automation and robotics is more flexible and adaptable than ever.

Welding Consumables

We have an extensive range of consumable products, both generic and non-generic brands to choose from.  Through our diverse product range and unique industry experience we can ensure that you get the most out of your welding processes:

– Nozzles

– Tips

– Liners

– Defusers

– Insulators

– Torches

– Torch Necks

– Torch Bodies

– Torch Leads

– Wire Feeders

– Wire  Feed Conduit

– Bulk Wire Feed kits

– Wire Feed Reels

– Guide Tubes

– Feed Rollers

– Wire

– Welder Components

– Other Related Consumables

Second Hand Robots & Spare Parts

We sell robot spare parts and second hand robot systems at affordable prices. Second hand robotic systems are a great, low cost way to enter the automated manufacturing industry.

Service & Support

We offer reliable after sales support that will prolong the life of your equipment and keep your investment working efficiently. Struggling to find support for your robot?  Whether it’s an old or new robot, we can help.  With experience in the service, repair and programming of many makes and models.

Contact Info
03 8787 8778
1-7 Ausco Place
Dandenong South VIC 3175
ABN: 43604791399