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Become a member of SEMMA today to take advantage of member-only deals; promote your business via the SEMMA website and attend networking events; influence Government policy; and turn competitors into allies through shared experience, capabilities and capacity.

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    SEMMA offers two distinct types of membership: General Membership available to manufacturers and Associate Membership available to non-manufacturing suppliers to the industry. These membership types are split into three categories, based on the organisation's turnover:

    Category 1 - <$5 Million turnover
    Category 2 - $5 Million to $10 Million
    Category 3 - > $10 Million

    SEMMA also extends membership to councils and major organisations in the education sector.

    You will have the opportunity to discuss the appropriate membership category once your application has been submitted.

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    Please provide as much detailed information as possible to support your application (e.g. product statement, service capabilities, markets/industries).

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