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Whilst COVID-19 has been attributed with the greatest global financial and social disruption in over a century, the general belief is that the majority of this disruption will be temporary – particularly in Australia.

There are however respected opinions, including those of our guest speaker, Dr Keith Suter, who would claim that many of the significant contributing factors have been in place for some time, including:​


  • the gradual demise of the US as the global economic and political leader – will the results of the forthcoming election influence this?
  • trade agreements and trade war escalations – could this lead to the death of globalisation?
  • the rising political and civil unrest
  • tensions between US/China/Russia – could this lead to a Cold War?
  • anarchy in non-Western worlds


and that COVID could fast track and exacerbate these and many other issues – and possibly lead us into a totally ‘new’ world full of challenges (and for those who can quickly adapt) exciting new opportunities for Australian businesses.

So perhaps the real question might be ‘where are we really going and what does a new global order look like?’



Dr Keith Suter | Keith is a former ‘Australian Communicator of the Year’ and recipient of the Australian Government’s Peace Medal. You may have seen him speaking on Channel 7’s Sunrise on international affairs of the day or heard him regularly on radio; however, this is only one element of his extraordinary depth of understanding of business, economic and social affairs within the local and international context that makes Dr Keith Suter a unique and much sought-after speaker.



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Wednesday 16 September 2020


12:30pm - 1:30pm



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