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In an age of perpetual crises and ever numerous operating and wider constraints, the business of enterprise can become an uphill struggle. However, as both historical and contemporary precedents illustrate, those same crises and constraints are also catalysts for innovation, invention, and entrepreneurial ideas – which collectively constitute nothing less than transformational change.

In this event, Melissa will present how and why external events – both positive and negative – are fuelling a global revolution in sourcing | design | production | distribution and how businesses at all scales and across myriad sectors are changing how, where and even why they do business.

Fields of innovation that will be discussed will span biotech (bio materials including new plastics alternatives now coming to market) and e-tech (how and why the companies that use raw materials operate including recycling and reclaiming and how recent global events have created uncertainty and disruption to materials movement)

Melissa will also highlight how lifestyle changes and consumer expectations are changing product and service design more generally and how this has implications at all scales.


Speaker: Melissa Sterry

Dr. Melissa Sterry is a UK | France-based globally recognised, multi-award winning design scientist, systems theorist, futurologist, designer, and serial first-to-market founder/cofounder. Melissa is also a board advisor across markets including the built environment, technology, design, manufacturing, marketing and communication.


Wednesday 25 November 2020


8:00am - 9:15am



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