Commercial Solar with No Capital

Rooftop solar is widely touted as a savior for businesses around the country, especially manufacturers, against the rising costs of electricity.

On first blush many business decision makers hasten to capital expenditure, or equipment finance as the financing solution.  Energy Terrain is a new breed Power Investment business, investing private capital to design, install, own, operate and maintain rooftop solar systems.

SEMMA’s newest Associate Member Energy Terrain is working to accelerate the adoption of rooftop solar energy solutions by the commercial sector, using private capital that is dedicated to invest in small-medium scale (50-500kW) renewable generation systems.

Manufacturers with limited capex but wishing to save on energy costs can obtain solar generating infrastructure at no cost to their organisation, and once installed Energy Terrain sell the generated electricity to businesses (under the roof) at c/kWh rates lower than rates charged by traditional network connected energy retailers.

To find out how your organisation can install, own, monitor and fully maintain the systems with no capital required, please reach out to your fellow member:

Energy Terrain’s business model sells the generated energy to the business (Energy User) which are under the roofs on which it has generating assets.  Businesses (energy users) get access to greater use of renewable energy directly, a reduction of input costs into their processes; The landlord gains a value adding asset; The planet gains a growing virtual forest.

All this is achieved without any capital being required!


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Thursday 6 August 2020


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