Circular Procurement & Asset Management

SEMMA has partnered with LUP Global to deliver this webinar exclusively for the benefit of SEMMA members. As many of our members are SMEs, our members are best positioned to benefit from transforming their asset life-cycle. Key benefits of this free webinar include:

  • How SMEs with limited capex can save on machinery/equipment
  • Maximising the value and life of your existing assets
  • Alternatives to disposing of under utilized assets into landfill


What is Circular Procurement?

Circular procurement can be defined as the process by which private or public authorities purchase works, goods or services that seek to contribute to closed energy and material loops within supply chains, whilst minimizing, and in the best case avoiding, negative environmental impacts and waste creation across their whole life-cycle.In this special webinar held specifically for the SEMMA network, we introduce a new model in Circular Asset Management, the LUP Model. An innovative and collaborative way of managing assets that creates a WIN-WIN-WIN for all parties involved, including our planet.


Why should you want to attend this webinar?

  • Gain an introduction to Circular Asset Management and gain an understanding of the benefits to you
  • Understand how you can not only create significant cost savings, but also contribute to the ongoing sustainability of our planet
  • Discover the LUP Model in Circular Asset Management


Thursday 30 July 2020


9:00am - 10:00am



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