SEMMA associate and energy partner Leading Edge Energy have continued to work with members to identify potential savings on their energy bill. To read the latest manufacturer case study, click here.

Sales Manager Ewen Beard reached out to manufacturer Alpha Detroit – heat treatment specialists – to offer advice on how to reduce their electricity costs as part of their membership inclusion. Ewen immediately identified that Alpha Detroit were on an incorrect network tariff.

Network tariffs are the fees that go towards maintaining the network – also known as “poles and wires” charges, which can account for between 30 and 60 per cent of an electricity bill.

The change of network tariff which took effect immediately resulted in a massive $12,000 saving per annum which is equivalent to 63 per cent of what they were paying. Ewen then explained that while Alpha Detroit was bound in an electricity contract until 31 December 2022, they could secure a contract in advance to take advantage of the current low rates before prices go through the roof.

SEMMA members have the benefit of free energy evaluations to see where savings can be achieved, simply by providing their most recent energy bill to Ewen. Learn more about SEMMA and becoming a member by clicking here.

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