On behalf of the SEMMA team, we wish to thank to our manufacturing members who made the time to respond to our recent “Covid Impact”, “Jobkeeper” and “SEMMA Snapshot” surveys. Your input is invaluable in our advocacy work on your behalf and we really appreciate the time taken to provide the information to us.

Your feedback has enabled us to:

  • Approach all Federal MP’s regarding Job Keeper to ensure that it was continued beyond September. We were gratified that the Federal Government decided to continue the wage support payments, albeit at a reduced level.
  • Advocate for Victorian Manufacturing to be kept open – the vast majority of our members have been able to operate, albeit at reduced levels in some cases.
  • Participate in State Government Round Table discussions at the outset of the Stage 4 Lockdown and stressed the need for clarity around the requirements and lent our voice to the demands for Metal Manufacturing to be allowed to continue to operate.
  • Provide comment for the ABC TV “The Business” programme around the need for clarity for business, particularly metals manufacturers, in the Stage 4 lockdown. We were delighted that the State Government responded to pressure by reclassifying impacted businesses as “Permitted” from the original “Closed for on-site work” status.
  • Approach the Federal Government regarding a range of Investment Incentives to support Australian Manufacturers and ensure that investment options incorporate requirements for Australian made/local content. A formal submission has been made.
  • Raise issues around local content, access to government contracts, accessibility and transparency at early stages of projects and issues in the ICN process with MP’s. Peter Angelico and CEO Vonda Fenwick met on the 28th August 2020 with Gabrielle Williams MP and several other local MP’s plus the Senior Advisor to Martin Pakula.

We also fed back the reported impacts upon our SEMMA members of COVID  from our latest surveys including:

85% of our members are now reporting reduced revenue  – up from 70% ( late March 2020) and 75% (May 2020). Falls range from 10%- 80% with the majority, 65% of respondents, reporting impacts in the 20-50% range.

55% of our members had already had to act on reducing headcount/reducing number of work days – up from 49% (March) and 50% (May). Many reported trying to hold on to existing staff despite current pressures.


We also raised issues around skills shortages and the need for options to address them in readiness for the demand as we open up and business conditions improve.

SEMMA will continue to actively pursue current issues with both levels of Government. We will continue to provide survey data feedback to Federal and State MPs to ensure they are aware of the severe impacts of the COVID restrictions upon our SEMMA members.

If you have any questions regarding the meetings or the surveys please do not hesitate to contact me. We will forward the latest survey results to members next week.


Best Regards and Stay Well,

Vonda Fenwick,

Chief Executive Officer,


South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance Inc.

124-130 Bangholme Road, Dandenong South  VIC  3175

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