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Rightreferences specialise in assisting and supporting businesses to make well informed business decisions when deciding on new hires.  We conduct and support recruitment teams and hiring managers with the important, yet time consuming component of all recruitment processes – pre employment / reference checks. 

It is not uncommon for some businesses to employ staff without having any references or police checks conducted.  This can be an expensive mistake resulting in loss of credibility to the business, money, and in some instances expensive law suits.

We assist with

  • Reference Checking
  • Police Checks
  • VEVO Checks
  • Arranging Medical Assessments
  • Credit Reference Checks
  • Psychometric Testing
  • Education / Qualification Checking (ie CPA)

Our experienced team are all ex-recruiters, who understand the importance of thorough pre-employment checks, assisting businesses follow due diligence by obtaining comprehensive pre-employment checks for potential new employees.

We manage small, medium and large recruitment projects, and our processes offer a cost effective (less expensive than employing an additional member of staff), quick and successful solution.  Our service is especially effective when a high volume of reference checks / pre-employment checks are required.

Conducting pre-employment checks is not risky business – It is sound business practice, which surprisingly is not always done!

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Permanent end to end Recruitment for blue and white collar permanent roles, including advertising, a guarantee and Police Checks.  Our Reference Checking service includes, Police Checks, Medical Checks, VEVO Checks, Credit Reference Checks, Psychometric Testing, Education/Qualification Checking